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    Lessons From A Successful Reshoring
    February 8, 2016

    RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA-As industrial rediscover the competiveness of domestic manufcturing, the move to reshore operations inside the US has garnered more interest.  One such company who did so was Tekton Hospitality, a custome furniture manufacturer for the hotel industry who recently completed a seven-year, 118,615-square-foot industrial lease in Rancho Cucamonga in San Bernardino County.  (The County of San Bernrdino is a GlobeSt.com Thought Leader.)

    GlobeSt.com caught up with the company's president and CEO Henry Savedra Jr.  to learn more about the decision, and why he thinks a major shift inthe hospitality supply industry in recent years has allowed for a manufacturing company to produce in America well.

    GlobeSt.com:  You've operated a manufacturing business in Mexico, Asia and the US
    -What have you learned during that time about operating at a global level?

    Henry Savedra Jr.: ' I've learned that running a factory ismore than just hiring people and processing production.  There are importnat cultural logistics that must be leveraged.  I am selling to American clients, which means that I have an entire range of expectations to satisfy that vary from structural integrity, to visual motes, to quality assurance standards.

    Because of this, I realized that manufacturing abroad entails forfeiting a labor force that is naturally pre-exposed to the products you are creating.  You are no longer required to simply teach a trade to your workers.  Your entire eductational process hinges upon how well you have built a bridge betwen two vastly different cultures.

    GlobeSt.com: What drove your decision to return start up again in the US?

    Savedra:  I returned to the US becuase I wante3d to spend more time with your family after traveling in and out of the country for so long.  Second, after seeing how many foreign jobs my companies created abroad, I was affected by the desire to do thesame for my own county.  Third, I analyzed my business model, weigheed the advantages of manufacting abroad against their incresingly offsetting disadvantages, and felt that the beefits of American manufacturing today completely outweigh the amount of effort that foreign manufacturing requires.  I also considered smaller influencers such as personal timing, current market conditions, the gloabl economy, America's unemployment rate, and supply and demand.

    GlobeSt.com: What makes San Bernardino County a good choice for Tekton?

    Savedra: California is not the easiest place to build a manufacturing facility of any kind; it generally caters more towards tech and farming industries, and the cost of living is higher than most places.  But, I am a native and started my career here.  I want to be active with my family-all of whome live locally.  I want to involvemy daughters in my efforts and share with them my heritage.  Additinally, some of my orginal local supplier supports have retained the capacity to meet my needs.

    Rancho cucamonga and San Bernrdino County offers employment opportunity.  It is centrally located for my transportation requirements-whether shipping across the county or importing/exporting.  The freeways offer convenient commuting for both living and warehousing.  The climate is ideal since I don't have to worry about possuible weather-related closures.

    GlobeSt.com: Why is manufacturing so important to our region?

    Savedra: I believe that higher education is important, and it is often the key to better living.  But, not everyone is fortunate enough to attend.  Manufacturing provides a labor force with a stable income source.  And beyond that, it is also generated areas where the employees spend their income.  It is these benefits of domestic manufacturing thata re missed in America today.  The uneducated labor force has become largely dependent on retail and unstable non-trade jobs.  Manufacturing provides alterntives opportunity and makes a positive contribution to our society today.

    GlobeSt.com: Why do you advise companies to work with their local cities and government agencies?

    Savedra: One of the things I have learned increating companies is that city officials are probably more important than anyone else in your start process.  They are the officials are probably more importnat than anyone else in your start-up process.  Tjhey are the officials that run the region.  They are the ones that control the permits and set the guidelines for what you can and cannot do.  Go to them first and tell them what ayou are doing.  Let them assist you and allow them to provide resources that you need in order to make your business work inthat location.  Make them part of your business so that you are working together.

    GlobeSt.com: What is the most exciting aspect of your business?
    Savedra: Involving my family is exciting.  I have been able to reconnect with old American industry friends that have survived the offshore manufacturing movement.  It is their enthusiam, excitement and desire to participate that has been exciting.  Their support has really touched and energized me.

    Tekton Hospitality was created to embrace the county's craftsman manufacturing heritage, understand the depth of the standards and taste of America's pallet, and do so with shorter lead times than importing allows.  

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